Princess, Prom and Wedding Gowns

Sunday, June 9th, 2013


Prom Gown Cookies

The Wedding Gown cookie cutter. A popular shape that every cookie decorator has worked with. The Ann Clark Dress cutter is a really nice one. Some dress shapes look very odd to me, like the bust is just way to bulbous and huge, and it doesn’t even LOOK like a dress.

The creative people at Ann Clark wanted a few different “stories” with the gown cookie shape.

First up is “Prom”. They had their own design sketched out for me, the black/turquoise/purple one, but I searched for “prom trends” and came up with metallic gold, red, peplums, white, and high slits. So the other dresses were created and inspired from a few young celebrity dresses I found online.

Prom gown cokies

I used the airbrush and a bit of hand painted gold on the gold and black dress.

Princess gowns

The next theme they requested was “Disney Princess” gowns. These are based on the Ann Clark creatives sketches.

Can you guess which princesses these dress inspirations belong to?

Gowns wedding

The final theme was Wedding. The very basic white dress as sketched and directed by Ann Clark, and the floral gown.

Floral wedding Gown cookie

They had the idea that you could use the gown cookie to create a floral bouquet…I’m not so sure that it really happens when you turn the dress upside down…

Wedding dress cookie

I DO think it looks like a very awesome Haute Couture wedding gown.

What’s your favorite?

4 Responses to “Princess, Prom and Wedding Gowns”

  1. by Brooke

    That floral gown is simply amazing. You did a beautiful job on all of them!

  2. by Harriett

    Beautiful dresses Laura. Awesome as usual.

  3. by Maureen

    A favorite – I’ll go by what I’d wear if only I was a size 4 or 6 again. The gown with the black top and gold skirt or the white wedding dress. However, all the gowns are gorgeous

  4. by Beth S

    I love the flowers on the floral gown, and I think it could work upside down or right side up. My favorite is the Cinderella, since I am partial to her. ;)