Arrested Development

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Arrested Development

Unless you live in a cave or under a rock, you know that the 4th season (7 years after season 3) of Arrested Development is available on Netflix, right now.

Bluth Staircar

Some people are binge watchers and caught the entire season last weekend, but Dave and I took our time…a whole week, to watch the entire season.

Arrested Development cookies

We loved it and I can think of tons more cookies to make to celebrate the 4th season.

We had plans for even more cookies for the first three seasons, but there’s only so much time for us to make cookies “just for fun”.

Arrested Development cookies

There was no way to skip those awesome “Never Nude” cutoffs. And one of the many awkward Tobias quotes.

Arrested Development cookies

Somehow Lindsay is most represented by clothes. Next time it will be a Shemale T-shirt.

cornballer cookies

My cornballer needs a little work…it was very late when I made these, and I was starting to get lazy…

Arrested Development cookies

Buster’s hook.

Segway cookies

Oh G.O.B. “Illusion, Michael. A Trick is something  a whore does for money”. And The Final Countdown should be running through you brain EVERY time you think of GOB…

Banana Stand

And last but, not least, the Bluth Banana Stand. If only we lived in NYC, we could have waited in line for hours to get our hands on a Bluth banana…

I had such a hard time choosing only 10 quotes.

What cookies would you include for Season 4??

And if you haven’t seen Arrested Development you can watch all 4 seasons on Netflix. I suggest you take a couple of days and watch the entire series, then over a few weeks watch it again. You pick up a lot more of the details the second time around. As for Dave and me, we’ve watched seasons 1-3 more than 10 times I think.

2 Responses to “Arrested Development”

  1. by Patti

    We LOVE this show and have seen all 3 episodes over and over and over! We are taking our time with episode 4 – it’s great!

    One of my favorite quotes is “family first” …

  2. by Zoe

    Excellent cookie collection! These really made me smile!