Custom Collections

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

I’m always dubious of some of the designs requested in our custom collections. I like my collections to be cohesive and to make sense. Sometimes, well, a lot of the time, the collections make sense only to the client and the recipient.

Here are some of the custom collections we created last week. It was a big week for custom collections.

50s Cookie Collection

A 50’s collection. With the exception of the record, all of these cookies are new designs for us. A front view of a Chevy, a pair of saddle shoes, a jukebox, fuzzy dice, letterman jacket, cat eye glasses, and a poodle skirt.

This collection clearly makes sense to anyone!!

hot rod cookies

This seems like an odd combination, but evidently the recipient likes Hot Rod cars, surfing, the Red Sox, and he wants a puppy.

I guess that makes sense…

birthday cookies

Aaaand, this collection is for a soldier in Afghanistan. My guess is that he loves his cats, the NY Giants, America, and he’s Irish.

Makes perfect sense to the gift giver and the gift givee…(that’s not a real word, BTW) And that’s all that matters!

Pink Vermont cookies

This one is a no brainer. It’s our signature Vermont cookie collection done in pinks and softer girly colors. Barns, maple leaves, tractors, cows, milk, the VT Euro tag, and the Great State of Vermont in Electric green!

I really like this one, maybe even better than our classic VT collection!

So the lesson is that it doesn’t matter if I GET the collection, it matters that it means something to the person receiving the cookies.

2 Responses to “Custom Collections”

  1. by Maureen

    I like all the collections, but I especially love the 50’s collection and the Rutland Regional Med. Center collection; I think it is because there is a cohesiveness to those collections. However, the other two mean something to the person receiving the cookies and the cookies will (hopefully) put a smile on their face and that is what matters.

  2. by Amy

    They are all perfect! Excellent work as always.