Halloween Round-up!

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Halloween is this weekend and this was a great year for our creative spirits here in the bake shop. (all TWO creative spirits!)

We ditched our old, ho hum, run of the mill, been there done that cookies and came up with 5 super fun, and we think, original Halloween collections.

Let’s see them all:

Jack o Lantern cookies

We started with a classic Halloween cookie, the Jack-o-Lantern, added some new fun faces and tried out some new techniques, and this best selling collection was born.

These are sold out, so if you’re looking for Jack-o-Lanterns, we’re out, but we’ve got some other really great sets left…

witch cookies

Witches Brew is a new version of an old collection that we created last year, working with completely new and original artwork by Dave, I transformed his awesome sketches into cookies.

Sorry, these are sold out too!!


Mad Scientist cookies

We just baked up a batch of Frankenstein cookies!!  Complete with extra eyeballs, hands, bright colors and sparkles. A perfect combination of scary monster and glitter!!

We MAY have more of the our classic larger favors available. A mixed box of 6 different favors, (larger cookies!) Cat, bat, ghost, skull, tombstone and candy corn.

halloween cookies

And, finally, there are a few more Haunted House collections left, but if you’re going to order cookies, you should do it now because after 3pm on Wednesday (TODAY!!) you’ll have to pay for expedited shipping to get them in time for your weekend Halloween festivities.

So get a move on and order your Halloween cookies.

(so sorry for the shameless, hit you over the head sales pitch here, but I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on the Halloween cookies!!)

6 Responses to “Halloween Round-up!”

  1. by joanne

    The Jack-O-Lanterns are spot-on! Evoke everything that they are supposed to be!!!

  2. by Jen

    LOVE the Frankenstein cookies…I’ve always thought Frankie was kind of cute and you’ve really captured him!

  3. by Trish

    I love each and every set!

    Can’t wait to see this year’s Christmas cookies. I’m thinking I need to order a set of them and FINALLY try these beautiful cookies :)

  4. by SweetSugarBelle

    I love what happens when you get a new spark!!! Every single collection is GREAT!!!

  5. by Karen's Cookies

    I love all your sets, but that cat in the last set is my fav. He’s so cute!!

  6. by Lora

    Fantastic Fantastic Fantastic. Boo!

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