Word of the Week: Blerg

Monday, November 15th, 2010

What’s blerg?? Just something funny that Liz Lemon once said. For me, it’s right up there with suckamufagus. (sounds like Snuffleupagus)

Anyway, I like to use Blerg and Suckamufagus in lieu of swears…..sometimes. O.k. most of the time. O.k. not really most of the time.

So try to use the word Blerg this week.

In the meantime, here are some cookies that we’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks:

Thanksgiving cookies

Autumn Harvest with the addition of a turkey for Thanksgiving. Available HERE.

And you better order soon, because you’re running out of time!!!

deer cookies

My sweet little white deer cookies in brown. Soon to be available as holiday party favors!

baby shoer favors

Classic baby carriage cookies. Available HERE.

foot ball favors

Replica of a Patriot’s jersey for a Bar mitzvah. Available for special order  HERE.

Custom made toppers to go with the football jerseys.

letter cookies

The job that had be screaming out Blerg. For days. And days. And then the client didn’t order the cookies.

thanksgiving cookies

But then, like a superhero flying in at the last second before the end of the world…a client called with an order of 44 boxes of Thanksgiving cookies (528 cookies). The order came in on Thursday and will be shipping out on Tuesday. (that’s quick for 528 cookies)

And we were able to keep the lights on in the bakery.

sailor cookies

Yet another Blerg! Yes, I love these. And you can’t go wrong with a navy and white sailor suit.

Unless, the order is for a baby GIRL.


I didn’t check the job ticket!!

Super cute blue sailor suit. Available HERE.

This is what they were SUPPOSE  to be.

A custom order of Tory Burch handbag replicas.

Some West Highland Terrier cookies. Half with red collars and half with blue.

Snowy, white deer in party favor size!

And the white deer collection. Available HERE, but not yet. Soon grasshopper. Soon.

It’s been crazy, and it’s about to get even more crazy with a dessert table for 200 and some major cookie production this week. Yikes!!

Please DO NOT leave order related questions in the comment section. If you have an order related question please call us at 802.259.9109, or email your inquiry to info@adozeneggs.com for more information.

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11 Responses to “Word of the Week: Blerg”

  1. by SweetSugarBelle

    AWWWWEEEEEE! Yes Blerg! I feel you! i just want to either hug you of come help! YOu made me smile, and the cookies are awesome. Even the blerg lue and pink ones. PS, I like to say bad words too…maybe a little tacky but it SURE maked me feel better…and if the kiddos are around, I do SHYTE…hehehe! Thumbs up to electricity! HAVE A GOOD WEEK!!!

  2. by SweetSugarBelle

    or* geeze, I cannot PROOFREAD!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. by Lisa-Gorgeous Cakes

    I’d really like to come and work for you, quite like the idea of relocating to Vermont from the UK, especially now November’s here…grey, damp and cold, but not cold enough for snow.

    Ho Hum, I’ll just keep on dreaming!

    Thanks for the pics

    Lisa x

  4. by Bea @ CancunCookies

    I use funny words for bad words, too :) Would love to come and help you, Laura… love the COOKIES… those reindeers are my favourite!

  5. by Claudia Israel

    Your cookies are so blerging cute!!!

  6. by Stephanie

    These are all so perfectly done, I know it takes skill and patience! Really like your special take on the onsies.

  7. by Jenny

    Yes, blerg. I took on too much this weekend and fully got burned out! The dessert table did me in, I was all into it to begin with but it was so time consuming! Then I had to come home and try and work out how to make a cake in the shape of a guitar. Thankfully that worked out too, phew!

    Love the reindeer, super cute, well so is everything, but I particularly love the brown one with the spotty scarf!

  8. by Bea

    Lauraaa!! How cute are those deer with the red scarf!!!!!! Love them!!!

  9. by Paula

    Your reindeer cookies with the little scarves are the sweetest little fellow, I just love them. You have been busy, and whether you *curse* or not, your decorating skills are awesome. Beautiful cookies, each and every one of them.

  10. by basketpam

    I just want to doublecheck that the scarves on the brown deer are icing. I can’t imagine anyone would take the time to make fabric tiny little scarves which would be non-edible but in the picture I see it REALLY looks at times on some of them as if they’re something other than royal icing.

  11. by Laura

    yes, the scarves are royal icing.
    we would never put inedible decorations on our cookies, cakes or cupcakes!!

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