It’s Like Christmas Around Here!!

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

We’ve been so busy with cookies, it’s crazy. I think I may have used over 100 disposable pastry bags so far this week, and it’s just Thursday morning.

Everyone seems to be ordering custom cookies with such short turn around time, it’s ridiculous. All our jobs this week have had such tight due dates, every night so far has been a late night. Last night we made it in the house by 9pm. That was the earliest so far this week.

Anyway, here’s what’s been doin’ in cookie production. (this doesn’t include the Bake Shoppe work!)

elephant face cookies

Lots and lots of Jungle cookies.

monkey face cookies

Elephants and Monkeys.

tiger face cookies

Tiger faces.

panther face cookies

Panther faces. (these need some tweaking, but they’re pretty darn cute already)

jungle animal cookies

These were actually two different orders, one for a childs birthday and another for a Bake Shoppe client that was serving them at the concession stand for the school play, The Jungle Book.

We liked them so much that we’re going to be offering Jungle Faces as a collection on our website. The cat faces were the most difficult and we’ll probably make some small changes going forward.


This is the rack on Tuesday. After packaging up all the cookies from Monday.

bird cookies

Another Bake Shoppe client ordered these custom bird cookies to coordinate with a baby shower invitation. My favorite colors, pink and green. Dave made the cutter and we matched the icing to the invites. Super cute and simple. The best kind of cookies.

bird cookeis

All the birdies.

cupcake cookies

Custom cupcake favors for a 1st Birthday.

cupcake cookies

We matched the colors to the invitation.

corporate logo cookies

Lots of edible image cookies this week. Rounds with a simple border.

corporate logo cookies

I was playing around with some different borders. This one is pretty, but took much more time than I can spend on each cookie. Unless you want to pay extra, then I’ll spend as much time as you need.

pink birthday cookies

We came up with a new design for Pink Birthday. Much more fun and interesting than the old one.

sail boat cookies

Cute sail boats. I was going to put the inscription on the sail, but I wasn’t sure there would be enough room, so this is what I did.  This is another one of my favorite cookies. It reminds me of my Dad’s boat when I was younger.

smiley face cookies

Yellow Smiley face cookies. These remind me of Forest Gump.

photo cookies

And my Number One Favorite cookie of the week so far, “the man”.  Edible images of…well, a man. We called it “the man” cookie while we were working on them, so the name has stuck.

If you have a photo that you’d like on a cookie we can do it. Just make sure it’s a photo of someone you want to take a bite out of!!

Maybe I’ll have some more domestic or food related posts later this week, but until then, it’s all cookies, all the time.

And BTW, I hope everyone is working diligently on your Sweet Spring Swap packages. You must ship them out on Monday!! Chop chop.

15 Responses to “It’s Like Christmas Around Here!!”

  1. by jen

    I love The Man. Hilarious. I’m glad you’re so busy!!

  2. by Diane

    The tiger and the cupcake cookies are my favorite. Didn’t know you could put photo image on a cookie. May have to have a custom order done in the future! Don’t work too hard.

  3. by Maureen

    Love the ellie’s (elephants) and the sailboats.

  4. by Meghan H.

    You are so stinkin’ talented! LOVE the birds! And the cupcakes! Hope you get some rest! :)

  5. by Patti

    I love the cupcake cookies, I don’t even know if that makes sense, a “cupcake cookie” but I love them. Awesome awesome work as usual.

  6. by Patti

    Love those little birdies too, great colors.

  7. by lisagh

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s funny to make a cookie that looks like a cupcake? Hmm…

  8. by Sharon

    WOW, love those cupcake cookies! Actually I like them all…except “the man”. too weird to have a face on a cookie!

  9. by Tyler

    As I was reading I said outloud “Wow, those animals would make a great jungle tin.” I see you also agreed :)

  10. by Lyndsey

    So cute! I love the jungle animals. You are so talented!

  11. by Jodi

    I love the monkey cookies :) my nephew is nicknamed little monkey man they remind me of him lol

    and of course the cupcake cookies!

  12. by yvette

    The pink & green birds are SUPER cute!!!

  13. by Tracy

    LOVE your jungle cookies!!! You are the best cookie-maker ever! :)

  14. by Kate

    LOVE them all. It’s hard to picka favorite. The birds are darling!

  15. by bridget {bake at 350}

    Love the birdies, love the pink birthday, love the cupcakes. Basically, I love!

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