Cupcakes!! And Hey, We Were Featured on Cakespy!!

Monday, March 1st, 2010

That’s right, the entire title of this post was shouted out, double exclamation points. TWICE.

Check out what Jen and Cakespy have to say about A Dozen Eggs HERE.  It’s all so exciting. Jen told me she wrote to Cakespy, but I never thought we’d get our own post.

Well, we did, and it’s great. And dopey me didn’t see it until tonight. I’ve only just started to read Cakespy on a regular basis (following her trip to Paris right now) and as I was scrolling along reading about Oscar themed desserts and Opera Cake, there were our cookies!! So go over, give it a read and say something nice.

I’ve finally figured out a cupcake cookie design that I’m happy with. I tried a couple of years ago, but ugh, were they awful.

icing bags

I think it may have been the colors. This time I decided on chocolate brown, pale pink, green and blue.

cupcake cookies

A cherry on top, or a shiny red orb, is the finishing touch. The red could be a candy, or my most recent obsession, gumballs. I got gumballs for our Valentine’s Day get together and I’ve been chewing on them for days. Franklin likes to try to pop the bubbles and Lily just looks confused and tilts her head.

Then she’s afraid of them.

If you’re new here, Franklin is my incredibly naughty Gray Tabby cat (see below, and Lily is my equally naughty Yellow Lab/Basenji mix. (I have another pure white cat, Casper, who is a perfectly well behaved pet)

cupcake cookies

Speaking of Franklin, he’s been getting in some trouble lately. He ate half a pack of whole grain tortilla wraps. In like 30 seconds.  Poked through some plastic wrap and had a bowl of potato salad, tried to run off with a fluff container that Dave had just had some milk in (don’t ask why we drink out of fluff containers, please, just don’t) and stole some Hershey kisses out of a candy bowl. Oh, yeah I almost forgot the third of a baguette that fell out of the freezer. I found it under the bed several days later half eaten and all gummy. Incorrigible.


He’s so cute though. You can’t stay mad for long. I just hope he doesn’t kill himself with all the weird food he steals. I put his giant face on my laptop. It makes me smile every time I open it up.

And that is all for Sunday night.

Oh yeah, how ’bout those cupcake cookies?? Purdy huh??

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