Monday, August 3rd, 2009

It’s 12:55 am, I’m waiting for my test run ribs to finish cooking, I’ve burnt a batch of barbecue sauce and I’m tired.

Therefore, I can’t think of any witty title for this post, so it will be Untitled.

After a big trip to the nearest B.J.’s (over an hour away in NH) and a not so great experience at what I thought would be a really good little bakery/cafe, I have to say I’m already exhausted. For those of you not “in the know”, Dave and I host a big BBQ bash every Summer, and it’s this coming Saturday. I’m not sure how this is going to work out, I don’t feel prepared at all. We have about 70 people coming here and I’m hoping that I can get everything made by Friday night.

I made some pretty cute cookies last week.

dragon cookies

As some of you may know, I’m not a big fan of “boy” cookies, but these dragons are cute. I dig em’.

Princess cookies

The dragon cookies were ordered along with “Princess” gowns. I used opal sugar for the skirt and bodice, with a brighter pink detail and little pale pink “pearls” at the waist and the bottom of the skirt. I think any little girl would be into these ball gowns.

golf pants

I’m also working on a project of 100 pairs of “happy pants”. These are some of the designs I’m thinking of. The polka dots are suppose to look embroidered and the floral ones are just too complex for the size of the job I think.

golf pants cookies

This is another design that I’m pretty sure we’ll be using. Turqoise and green pants with green dots dropped into the icing. Cute and most definitely “happy”!

wire cake stand

I don’t think I posted this yet, but isn’t it just the most swanky cake stand??  I love it! An early Birthday gift from Jen.

chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream

I made this cake for a client last week. It’s a 6 inch double layer chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream.  Very simple. Just my speed.

bake shoppe

The shoppe on Saturday. A big thanks to the TWO customers who came in on Saturday.

I’m sure glad we paid $300 to belong to the Chamber of Commerce. Not one person we met there has come by. Well worth the money spent. Don’t you think??


12 Responses to “Untitled”

  1. by bridget {bake at 350}

    Sorry about your Saturday!!! You cookies are so cool! And, I wish I had a big piece of that birthday cake right now…it looks delicious!

  2. by Joanne

    I am excited, speechless, & honored that you have mentioned the Happy Pants on the blog. Pop would be so proud! As one of my friends recently said, “he proudly wore the fanciest pants North of the Mason-Dixon line… and perhaps South of it as well!”

    The samples you showed are wonderful! You’re doing a great job, and I can’t wait to see how they all come out!

    Thanks so very very much!

  3. by Harriett

    Laura your cookies look so delicious. The princess cookies are adorable, and the dragon is cute. I hope somebody from the chamber of commerce will come by. Hey you know what, send them a reminder :) . That’s o.k. it will pay off in some other way or resource. Peace out sistah girl.

  4. by Bea

    Those Happy Pants COOKIES are… happy! Love the cake stand… I’m sure you’ll get everything ready for Saturday, it really amazes me how many things you manage to do… have a nice week!!

  5. by Heather

    Laura, would you mind sharing where you got your cupcake stands with the domed covers? I would love something like that for my sweets!

    I LOVE the dragons! Your talent is simply amazing!


  6. by ~~Rhonda

    Laura, Saturday will work out. One way or the other. Just take it one step at a time. Delegate all the work you can! The cookies are great, as usual! Love the dragon. :) ~~Rhonda

  7. by Lisa

    The “happy pants” cookies are so cute! I love them! I am sure you’ll have more traffic at the bake shoppe soon. It’s a slow time of year — lazy summer days.

    The dragon cookie is just excellent! You are so talented.

  8. by KK

    I love the happy pants- seriously LOVE them! I actually match the aqua w green dots in that last pic today! Is the project for a client or just something you are testing out?

  9. by Tyler

    I love that cake! I never thought of doing a shell border with a plain tip! I think it looks a lot neater than using the ordinary star tip.

  10. by Marian

    Hi Laura,
    First of all, good luck with the barbeque on Saturday… I’m sure it will go over smoothly!

    I’m with you on the boy cookies; not my favourite either. The dragon turned out amazing though. It’s a difficult design too!

    I’m so glad to have found your site! Your cookies are such a treat to look at – they are creative, unique and beautifully piped!

  11. by Laura Mandracchia

    I love the pajamas!!
    And when I lived in Sausalito I too spoent $300 for the Chamber of Commerce. I got nothing out of it, but they sure did get a lot of tasty treats!

  12. by Anne

    I love your site. I check it out all the time. I live in PA and want to drive to Vermont to see your shop. Keep up the blogging and the decorating. It makes me happy!


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