The Punishment for Stealing is….

Monday, July 20th, 2009

We received an email this morning alerting us of a photo taken from our blog and used to sell cookies on another site.

Can you even believe it??

Sure enough we went right to the link, and there my friends were my blue and brown wedding cakes that I made in February for use in a marketing campaign. (coincidentally, this company’s colors are blue and brown as well).

wedding cake cookies

I’m not posting a link, and I’m not even going to give out the name of the site, but if you’re an online cookie business and would like to see if any of your photos are being used to sell cookies just email me at and I’ll email you the address.

It appears that many of the cookies are from some other sites. Including an edible image design taken right from a big NYC cookie company. (Oscar cookie, not Oscar the Grouch. Oscar, as in Academy Awards caricatures of each nominee.) Some of you know the big NYC cookie company I’m talking about. If not, just Google “Oscar cookies” and you’ll find them.

There are several things that really bother me. One; the cookies are being sold for $2 each. Now all of us cookies designers/artists know that it takes a lot of time, ingredients, equipment and skill to produce well made iced sugar cookies.  Two; our cookies and photos are being used to sell someone elses’ product and the customer will NEVER get anything like the cookies that are shown in the photos. Three; the cookies are so cheap inexpensive, I wonder if they are produced in a fully licensed and inspected kitchen.

If there are any cookie businesses out there, I urge you to check and make sure none of your photos are being used here.

As I’ve said before, I love to share my designs, techniques and business ups and downs here. And I don’t even mind if people use my designs as inspiration for YOUR OWN DESIGNS for home use. But don’t copy my cookies and try to sell them, and for pete’s sake, don’t steal my photos to put on your store’s website.

And finally, Dave called and asked that our photos be removed from this site. The photo has been removed, but I’m still pissed.

I promise tomorrow I’ll be in a better mood.

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